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    Phonics Exercises
    for Pre-literate students

    These Flash Card Exercises for Pre-literate Students were developed by Charles LaRue to meet a need for teaching materials for students who have very limited English literacy skills, and cannot read and write in their own language. They were created to allow students who have never written in any language to practice manipulating letter and text, at a time when their writing is very slow and labored. These exercises allow them work with letters, numbers and words in a way that is less stressful than writing all the words out. Of course, they need to learn to write and these flash cards can also serve a models or template for that process.

    All the materials are available in pdf for download.

  • Overall explanation and lesson plans for using the phonics flash cards

  • Vowels sheets for use with phonics exercises

  • Phonics word sets for the use with the exercises