LaRue Literacy Exercises

The LaRue Literacy Exercises were created by Charles LaRue through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Children Families and Learning under the supervision of the Minnesota Literacy Council. The exercises were written for literate beginning level ESL students. The exercises provide practice in 4 different skill areas: writing a check, filling out a timesheet, filling out a basic form and reading a simple map.

In the online section there is an audio/visual introduction to each of the skills, followed by 3 multiple choice quizzes of increasing difficulty. The students can watch and listen to the introduction to a topic and then click on the first set of exercises. These html quizzes will repond to each answer chosen as correct or incorrect and then show a link back t o the question if the student answered incorrectly, and ahead to the next question if the student answered correctly.

As reinforcement or to use in a classroom, the printable section offers pdf versions of the introductions and 3 paper-and-pencil quizzes of increasing difficulty for the each skill. Each skill area has one quiz with multiple choice answers, 1 quiz with fill-in-the-blank questions and 1 quiz which has the student actually writing a check, filling out a time sheet etc. These are free to be duplicated and used in class. There is also an answer key for all the written exercises.

I hope that you find these exercises useful to teach your students how to perform these basic literacy activities.



Charles LaRue

©2003-2004 MN Dept of Children Families and Learning