Note to Teachers Using Web Based Language of Mathematics Exercises

The target audience for the Language of Mathematics Exercises is beginning level ABE to Intermediate level ABE students, especially non-native speakers. The exercises help students learn the vocabulary associated with basic math, fractions and percents, basic algebra and geometry. These can also be used for review by higher level students.

The Language of Mathematics Exercises were created to teach and reinforce the following:

Vocabulary as used to describe basic math operations; addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, and the words used in simple story problems calling for these operations.

Vocabulary describing fractions, percents, ratios and how this vocabulary describes information in charts and graphs.

Vocabulary describing geometric shapes, including words used in simple formulas, and those describing relationships between shapes.

There are 20 quizzes with 10 questions each. In the interactive version the students both read and hear the questions, so they get practice listening to the vocabulary as they read it.

There are supplemental pdf hard copies of the glossaries in English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Arabic, Russian and Vietnamese. The Spanish version has complete description of each in Spanish. The other non- English version simply have the translation of the mathematical term, but the explanation is only in English.

The information is written so it is simple and easy for lower level ABE students to follow. This material doesn't teach math concepts but it supplements and allows students to practice what they are learning about math in their ABE Class or on their own.

The multilingual glossaries make it easier for students to transfer what they have learn in the native language to the study of math in English.

As an ABE teacher you can print out a glossary for a student to use, direct students to the site for online practice, and even print out the hard copy versions of the quizzes for in class practice. However you use it, I hope you will find the resource helpful in advancing your students toward their educational goal.

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