Story by Story Phonics Lessons

These stories are part of a contextual phonics program created by Marn Frank M.Ed. with the support of LDA of Minnesota adapted for the web by Charles LaRue with the support of the Minnesota Literacy Council.

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A Map
a words
short a as in apple A Map
The Hot Rod
o words
short o as in on The Hot Rod
The Clinic
i words
short i as in itch The Clinic
Cub Foods
u words
short u as in up Cub Foods
Back to School
e words
short e as in elbow Back to School
The Lake
ck words
consonant ending ck The Lake
A Vacation
sh words
digraph sh A Vacation
The Cowboy
ch words
digraph ch The Cowboy
School and Homework
th words
digraph th (unvoiced) School and Homework
A New Apartment
th words
digraph th (voiced) A New Apartment
tch words
trigraph tch Baseball
Too Fast
dge words
trigraph dge Too Fast

Standard Lesson Plan

Supplementary Lesson Plan

The complete Story by Story Curriculum with dozens of stories is available free to Minnesota ABE programs. Story by Story was funded by a supplemental services grant from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Adult Basic Education (ABE). Special thanks to Dr. Barry Shaffer, State Director of Adult Education, MDE, for his ongoing support of LDA of Minnesota’s initiatives.

Produced and distributed by LDA of Minnesota

Additional phonics exercises created by Charles LaRue and made possible by grants from the Minnesota Literacy Council including the LaRue Reading Skills Test are also available online

Reading Skills Test for Pre-Literate Students
The Reading Skills Test for Preliterate Students was developed by Charles LaRue to meet a need for testing students who have very limited English literacy skills, and cannot read and write in their own language. It was created to show which literacy skills and knowledge pre-literate ESL students have.

Alphabet and Number Flash Card Exercises
The exercises take the student through learning the alphabet in a variety of fonts, and the numbers from 1 to 100.

Word and Number Bingo Exercises
These sets of Bingo cards reinforce the student's knowledge of the letters of the alphabet, cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, times and prices.

Calendar Exercises
The exercises teach students the days of week, months of the years and how to read a calendar and eventually how to create a calendar from words and number flash cards.

Phonics Exercises
These exercises provide a way to teach students the sounds of the letters and basic sound rules, like short and long vowels.